6 Do’s and Don’ts for Selling Your First Home

I recently read an article from US News titled 6 Do’s and Don’ts for Selling Your First Home and was pleased to see the similarities in what I share with my clients. My team will always do their best to guide our clients through the home buying and selling processes. Throughout that time, we are focused on what’s right for you, the market and the target audience you are hoping to reach. Let’s take a look at the do’s and don’ts when it comes to selling a home.

“Do establish an offer due date”

When you are ready to put your home on the market, allow the market to see it and think about it. Make it clear when you are ready to accept offers so you know those who are serious will respect your offer due date and will schedule accordingly.

“Don’t price too high from the start”

Couldn’t agree more. You need to look at the market and do a fair comparison to the surrounding homes. Compare what your property has to offer and what the fair market value is. Once we compile all the stats to consider, is when we can agree to a price that will attract the right buyers and not immediately deter them.

“Do what’s best in the current market”

We’ll look at the current trends for the market. What buyers are looking for, how they are acting on the homes for sale and determine the best marketing options for getting your home out there and in front of the right buyers.

“Don’t assume you can only sell in spring”

That’s a common assumption. Yes, looking for homes is great when the weather is just right but that doesn’t mean people aren’t buying throughout the year. Buyers are ready when they are ready. You can’t avoid placing your home on the market and risk missing the serious buyers who are in the market right now. You could potentially have an advantage over the rest of the sellers market if you do have your home listed in the colder months while others may be holding off.

“Do listen to your agent for home prep”

As a real estate agent we are only looking at your home as a selling piece. We are not looking at it as a representation of you and your personal property. While my team will always be sympathetic towards the fact that is is still your home and we understand the love and care you’ve invested in it. We need to look at the picture from the buyers perspective and what they need and want to see when viewing the home. We will walk through the home with you and give our professional suggestions to allow it to show better.

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“Don’t lead with contingencies”

Don’t limit the selling possibility by saying it’s contingent upon you finding another home to move into. Another alternative is putting contingency of allowing you 30, 60 days to move out. This will give you some prep time if you haven’t found the right place during your selling process. Keep in mind when someone is ready to put an offer on a home, they are ready to move in. If you limit their move in ability, it could deter them enough to look for something else.

Teaming up with an agency like ours will help guide you to making the right decisions to help sell your home. Don’t make avoidable mistakes by diving in alone.

You can read more on the article referenced here

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