Sell Your Home With Pets

We all love our pets but, when it comes time to sell your home, it can present some challenges. Having pets in your home while trying to show it is not an ideal situation, nonetheless, it’s nothing that can’t be worked around. If you find yourself in a similar situation read through the tips below to help sell your home with pets.

Clean The Interior Of Your Home

You’ll want to give your home a deep clean to remove smells and hair from the living spaces. Give your home a fresh start that you can maintain. Have your home checked for fleas. Remove any stains from the flooring. Vacuum and dust daily to keep the furniture and fixtures free of any pet dander. Clear the rooms of pet toys, pet supplies, food and food dishes. If you are using a crate, ensure the area is neat and clean.

Clean the Exterior Of Your Home

Keep your yard clear of any pet(s) waste. Consider doing a lawn treatment if there is significant yellowing where your pet(s) uses the yard. Ensure any outdoor living space your pet(s) lives in is clean and clear of clutter. Pet away any outdoor items your pet(s) use that might be in the way or hinder the “view” of your homes exterior.

Determine Best Location For Your Pet

In an ideal world it’s best to find alternative living arrangements for your pet(s) while showing your home. This ensures their safety for any risk of getting out, as well as the safety of any visitors coming into the home not having to worry of a potential loose “animal”. If finding another location for your pet is not an option, it’s crucial that they are in a secure location at all times. First priority is coming to an agreement with your realtor of where you will be keeping your pet(s) during showings. Anyone entering your home needs to understand that you do have a pet in there and where they will be. It is not ok to keep them locked in a room as the buyers need to access all rooms of the home. If you need to set a stipulation of “by appointment only” this can be an option if you are able to retrieve your pet from the home during set showing times. While this may limit any potential buyers if they have to make and appointment first, it may be the best solution for you and your pet(s). Whatever the outcome, you need to determine a safe and secure situation for both your pet(s) and those entering your home.


You’ll want to keep your pet(s) well groomed. Long nails can create scratches in hardwood, un-groomed coats can leave hair on the floor and furniture, a smelly pet will leave a noticeable odor to anyone entering the home. As any loving pet owner, we should be caring for our furry babies on a regular basis anyway, but while selling a home a pet in need of grooming attention will quickly deter a potential sale from anyone with no interest in a home who has had pet(s) in it.


Do a walk through of your home. If there are any damages clearly created from your pet(s), it’s best to repair those prior to showings. Replace flooring, patch scratches or holes, fix anything “broken” or damaged that would be a deterrent to the quality of the home due to pet destruction.

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