Paint in the Right Color

In prepping to put your home on the market, it can seem that the “to-dos” are are never-ending. At times it may feel overwhelming and the, what seem like, little things get pushed aside and quickly forgotten. But, those “little” things can be the make it or break it points of gaining buyers interest in your home. As a realtor I feel it’s my obligation to guide my clients as best and as much as possible to help the home selling process go smoothly for them. One item on the to-do list it to update anything to improve the aesthetics of the home. While walking through a clients home I’m cautious of the love, care, and emotional attachments they’ve put in during their time there. I will, gently, go through the recommendations list that will help get their property in optimal shape to present to the market. We all understand there are reasons behind the decor we put in our home which represent us as individuals however, when we are ready to sell our homes, we need to put our personal preferences aside and make our home neutral for anyone interested; allowing them to envision themselves there.

A big ticket item is the paint palette(s) used in the home. “A fresh coat of paint in the right color may help sell a home for more money. Homes with rooms painted in shades of light blue or pale blue/gray can sell for as much as $5,440 more than expected, according to a new Zillow report. Zillow’s 2017 Paint Color Analysis looked at more than 32,000 photos from sold homes around the country to see how certain paint colors impacted their sale price on average, when compared to similar homes with white walls. Curious what colors may help you sell your home for more?” Click here for the full report! – 

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