2018 Real Estate Market Trends

As we welcome the third quarter of 2017 already, we can start planning out our goals and plans for 2018. It’s looking to be a sellers market as home prices are on the rise and expected to continue on that path. Trends we’ve noticed in the Winchester area is that there are just as many houses coming on the market as we have new buyers ready and looking. The economy is steady and We’ve had a steady pace of buying and selling happening and we are positive we can help you get your home on the market and out to the right people. If you are looking for a home to purchase, we got that covered too. Take a look as what’s available now spence.jcimedia.com

According to MarketLeader.com “Some claiming 3.65 percent and others, such as CoreLogic, indicating “that home prices will increase by 5 percent,” from July of this year through July of 2018.” Another item expecting to increase are mortgage rates. Although predicting the exact amount is nearly impossible they can base rises on the trends. “Back in late March, Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer told CNBC to expect two more rate hikes by the end of 2017. We got one of them in June and, in July, the Fed decided to hold off on another. But, forecasters predict the next one will hit in December.” From The US Real Estate Forecast 2018 to 2020, Freddie Mac stated “The need to refinance is low, homeowners aren’t too stressed out, and they’re using home equity to buy things which is good for the economy.  Overall, Freddie Mac’s report is positive for 2018.”  Whether this happens or not, we’ll see.



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