A City to Retire To

Retirement….Are you ready for that next step in your life? Are you considering all your options for when you retire? What to do, where to live, adventures to take. Winchester, Virginia not only is a popular place to travel to and enjoy, it just so happens to be a fantastic town to live and work in as well. AARP shared 10 Great Small Cities for Retirement and it’s no surprise Winchester made the list. Stating, “for aspiring retirees who want space, fresh air and quietude but want it within arm’s reach of a major city, Winchester, Va., is calling. Nestled in rolling horse country 65 miles west of Washington, D.C., Winchester is growing but still has a relaxed, unpretentious vibe. The metro area crosses north into West Virginia and harbors about 125,000 residents altogether; 26,000 live in Winchester proper.” Worth reading the article goes on to describe what Winchester has to offer and the surrounding areas. AARP also listed Winchester in their article 10 Affordable Cities for Retirement . 

If you are ready to retire and looking for a city to retire to, give us a call. Allow us to show you around and see what Winchester has to offer. You won’t be disappointment and you may find your calling!

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