You Need To Stage Your Home

We strongly back up the fact that you need to stage your home in order to help it sell! A clean, neat, visually “open” home will sell much faster compared to a home that is cluttered and too “personalized”. We’ve said it before, we understand you’ve made your home your home during the time you’ve been living in it. However, when it’s time to sell, you now need to think about what others want to see. Honestly put, they don’t care about your personal items, trinkets, pictures and favorite pieces you’ve decorated your home with. They want to see a blank canvas that allows them to envision their own stuff there, open the possibilities of how they can decorate it with their personal style. So, when we make the recommendations to de-clutter, to remove items, to reconstruct a room, to paint, etc. we are doing it with the buyers in mind. We want to show the most potential your home has to offer so it attracts the interest and pulls them in by inviting them to talk about the vision they have for it.

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