Fixer-Uppers… Are you really up to the task?

As we all know, buying fixer-uppers can allow for you to get much more house for much less cost.  While they can be pleasantly inexpensive up front, they can end up being money pits.  As tempting as the low price tag may be, an appraisal is necessary… not just for the home!

On top of the obvious, which is being able to budget and afford these tasks, It is equally as important to appraise yourself!  A fixer-upper is really only a bargain if you can do the fixing and renovating yourself.  If you are a carpenter or even have friends and family in the field, buying a fixer-upper may be right up your alley.  Having the knowledge and tools to complete any renovation is still only half the battle… do you really WANT to the work?  These projects take time, lots of it.  Do you have the strength after a full day of work to hit job number 2?  Whatever decision you come to, good luck in your new home!

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